Monday, 9 February 2015

Honour the Sabbath OR ELSE

Sometimes I could kick myself. I do stupid things when I know better. By the way, this post is so boring I will not even announce it on Facebook. It is more by way of my private memory album.

Lack of agility makes kicking impractical so I shall just endeavor to learn from mistake. In general my life philosophy is to gain the greatest amount of wisdom  possible from the smallest amount of pain possible.

Long experience has taught me that I simply do not function unless my week has one day without anything on the schedule. It does not have to be Sunday, it can be any day. But there must be one day that is entirely mine. I may well end up being very productive on that day, but it must be by choice, on the spur of the moment. If I do not schedule that in either my body goes on strike by getting a cold, or I mess up in some other way. There are probably psychological theories on hidden motives, sabotaging inner children or whatever. Maybe I am just spoiled. But the principle holds.

As readers of these blatherings know one of my favourite things to do on a winter day is batch cooking with something interesting to listen to. So I thought I could get away with making promises to do some extra cooking for other parties. There is genuine need for this service and I not mind it or so I thought when I made the promise. But thanks to the acupressure practice sessions I have been busier than usual lately. Instead of impulse day Sunday has been cooking day and I effed up royally, twice now. 

Last week I overcooked the batch of lasagna I made for the other party while I was working on one for us. I just did not check on it in time, duh. This week I let about six quarts of precious turkey neck stock, all sieved and ready and delicious, sit on the stove overnight instead of putting it outside in the cold. It took me all day to admit that yes, it had gone sour. I didn't think it would spoil that fast but it did. Old Dutch keeps the house much warmer than it used to be. At least I had one quart left in the freezer for the promised mushroom soup. But drat it, that is fifteen bucks and at least an hour of my time gone down the drain and I am mad. Food waste normally does not happen in my household!

Mushroom soup always takes me longer than I think it will. Today's other project was spanakopitas but I am running out of steam. Cooking should be done with patience, joy and full attention. I think I will stop for the day. Borscht and pizza from the freezer for dinner tonight.

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