Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Slothful winter pleasures

During the dark of winter I have been slipping into a rhythm of later to bed, later up. Ben Franklin would not approve, but then I am healthy and wealthy enough to be content. The concept of enough needs to be more honoured. As for is not up to me to determine when enough of this desirable quality has been reached. (Yes, I realise that that remark in itself has pretense at wisdom)

Old Dutch has been getting up earlier. By the time I emerge from vivid dreams between 7.30 and 8AM I can hear the coffee grinder going, or the machine making its pruttle pruttle sounds. Time to wake and smell my favourite drug. Fresh coffee is sacred and must not be allowed to wait. Enter my recent slothful habit: instead of getting showered and dressed right away I slip into a robe and head for instant gratifcation. Then I sit around with coffee, muffin, and Facebook on tablet before starting the day for real. 

The robe is a recent acquisition. I used to have a red one, known as the Bear Robe, when we lived in the old log house. Getting up entailed stoking the wood heater. It made sense then, but getting out of it and into clothes could be as hard as getting out of bed. The bulky red fuzzy finally got thrown out and was not replaced. There is much to be said for getting dressed right away. Once we get back into the earlier rhythm that goes with outdoor life that habit shall be resumed. 

Meanwhile I love my fuzzy thriftshop find. Brand new, incredibly soft, my size, 4 bucks. I wonder about it's origin. Was it was a guilt inspired present for a loved one in hospital, who died before she ever used it? Or a Christmas gift for dear old Nana, who thought it was too nice for daily use? And then she died and it was found, untouched, among her possessions. Anyway it is being enjoyed, last but not least by the cat who loves the lap covered with its sumptuousness. Equally delicious fuzzy socks keep feet and lower legs toasty. 

And last but not least, about once a week I treat myself to a leisurely lavender scented bath, in the company of the kobo mini e-reader. Others may need to climb the ice falls of Niagara to feel alive. My thrills are found in the pleasure of small things.


  1. Lovely glimpse into your winter life. I too love house socks and coffee with my facebook mornings but I do the joggers and a hoodie. I will think of you and your robe as I sip my coffee.

  2. Interesting series of post. I especially liked Amsterdam. Just catching up after a month in the sun...:)

  3. I am honoured by your visit. The last two are more for my own memory album. Boring.

  4. lovely~and I love the price of that robe! WOOHOO...great find. I have a black one & there are morning I slip it on to get my dogs out (otherwise the neighbors get a show) ;) LOL Winter tends to make me want to stay in PJs but I've been trying to get into the habit of getting dressed in my workout clothes to start the day with some Tai Chi or Qigong -so relaxing & I feel way more energy & connected when starting my morning out like this. I agree-finding joys in the small things--quite priceless <3

  5. Renee, your self discipline is so admirable.


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